A guide to some of most exclusive London clubs

A gentlemen’s club, by definition, is a private club for members-only. They were brought into being by upper class British men (18th century). London, the capital boasts of a few of these elite clubs. Founded in 1693, the oldest of the gentleman’s clubs is White’s, located in St James’s Street. It’s expressly acknowledged as one of London’s most exclusive gentleman’s club.

Londons Club

White’s acquired a reputation for its exclusivity around the 18th century. It was also noted for its members common rakish disposition. Present members of note of White’s comprise of Prince Charles and Prince William. Whilst as an establishment, it’s maintained a continued exclusivity as a gentleman’s club, rare exceptions were allowed for Queen Elizabeth II’s visits(1991 and 2016).

Prestige and Honor

Another gentleman’s club from the old era would be The Eccentric Club. It was prominent between the years of 1890 and 1986. Previously located at 9–11 Ryder Street, St James’s, it now shares premises with the Savile Club (another gentleman’s club). It was a social club affiliated towards pursuits of eccentricity and philanthropy. The Savile Club is pursuant of a friendly ambience, towards both Art and Science. No true-blue British story is complete without a mention of cards. The Portland Club, another club in Savile Club’s premise sharing, a card-playing game club. They were recognised to be early authority on card games – whist and bridge. It’s considered as a club that’s one of a kind in the world. Established around 1815, it was previously the Stratford Club then, before being renamed as The Portland Club in 1825.

There’s also The Royal Thames Yacht Club (RTYC), the oldest functioning yacht club in UK. Their headquarters situated at 60 Knightsbridge, overlooks the Hyde Park. Their clear goals are to further sailing activities, enhancing its rich heritage, facility improvement and building reciprocatory association with other global yacht clubs.

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