London fun unlimited!

London, the British capital is regarded as one of the best cities to visit in the world. The one feature of this city is that everything which is beautiful, bland and ugly exists in perfect harmony. Always counted amongst the timeless cities in the world, London never ceases to amaze you with its liveliness and grace.

The cultural capital of Britain plays host to countless festivals, carnivals and fairs throughout the year. The most famous is the Notting Hill Carnival which takes place in August over the bank holiday. It has the reputation of being second-biggest Afro Caribbean carnival in the world since 1966. More than a million people come to see the carnival each year which has several major events to showcase. Events like three mile street parade, live music and dancing, etc. can be enjoyed during the carnival and the entire West London comes alive. Other parades carried out in London are on St Patrick’s Day and St George’s Day.

Now if you are a fashion lover then you will know that London is one of the top four fashion centres in the world. At par with Milan, Paris and New York, the British capital is one of the best shopping destinations. The finest fashion houses and the best designers have their workshops or boutiques here. The London fashion industry attracts several young fashion talents from all over the world who want to hit the jackpot here. All the fashion buffs attend the International London Fashion Week where some of the best and unique fashion works are displayed. The best places to do fashion shopping are Westfield London, Boxpark, King’s Road and Oxford Street.

Moving onto the culinary taste of London, food is an important part of a city’s culture and probably no other city will beat London in food diversity. The city is home to people of different nationalities and hence is home to different cuisine too. Be it Asian, East-European or African culinary delights, whatever may be your taste you will get it here. The Borough market, Berwick Street Market, Kerb are some of the places where you will get to enjoy London’s tastiest food. The Borough Market is London’s oldest food market and an iconic place which has its origins back in the 13th century!

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